Please note: the Memorial's small exhibiton space will be closed to the public from 1 August 2016 for Anzac Memorial Centenary Project construction works. However, the Hall of Memory will remain open during this phase. 

Access to the Memorial's Hall of Memory during construction is via stairs located on the northern side of the building near the Pool of Reflection. 

Lift access to the Hall of Memory is available, however visitors will require staff assistance. Please contact us to organise your visit.

If you have any accessibility requirements please contact us, we are happy to develop customised tours.


On this day
20 February

1942 — Battle of KOEPANG. Japanese troops landed in Timor and met spirited resistance from the Australian troops. Faced with overwhelming odds, most of the Australians surrendered, while others joined forces with the 2/2nd Independent Company and waged a long and gruelling guerrilla campaign, with assistance of friendly Timorese, against the Japanese. The initial attack on Timor cost 84 Australian lives